Brian Caffyn


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Brian Caffyn is Chairman and CEO of UPC Solar and UPC Renewables Group. His experience includes:

  • Founder and initial Chairman of UPC Wind (subsequently First Wind and acquired by Sun Edison for $2.4 billion in 2015).
  • Oversaw the establishment and construction of the largest wind energy company in Italy at the time (IVPC).
  • Founding Partner of UPC Capital Ventures.
  • President of Cannon Energy managing over 50 people involved in developing, constructing, and operating over 700 WTGs.
  • Invested in and served as Chairman of publicly listed Solar Integrated Technologies, a solar BIPV company prior to its sale.

Brian received a BA in Finance and Quantitative Methods from Babson College and spent the first part of his career in project financing for wind, co-generation, hydro, solar, geothermal, waste-to-energy and biomass energy projects with GE Capital, Heller Financial, and several private companies.