Baroota Pumped Hydro

Baroota Pumped Hydro Project will provide large scale energy storage to South Australia’s electricity network. The Project is being designed to deliver approximately 250 megawatts of peak capacity and storage for up to 8 continuous hours of generation, providing a new supply of electricity during peak periods of daily demand.

Located 40 kilometres north-east of Port Pirie, the Project is strategically located among the Mid North’s many existing and proposed wind and solar energy projects, and within 1 km of an existing ElectraNet 275 kilovolts transmission line. Baroota Pumped Hydro Project will store excess energy generated from existing and new renewable energy projects enabling the Mid-North to become a critical source of low cost reliable power to South Australia.


Port Germain, South Australia


  • Provides up to 250 megawatts of peaking capacity for up to 8 hours
  • Help absorb excess renewable energy generated in South Australia and provide grid stability to the South Australian grid

Project stage

Baroota Pumped Hydro is fully approved

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Baroota Pumped Hydro